The 777 Plan

A Software Package That Will Help You To Dig Out From The Past, Manage The Present, & Enter Into The Future

Many people procrastinate and are slack, slothful, and sluggish because there is so much to do but there’s so little time to do everything well.  As a result, things fall through the cracks; stuff stacks up and backs up and eventually people become stuck.  However, the real issue is most people don’t know how to properly break every area down into achievable parts so life can be lived in an orderly way.  This is nothing new. God has provided wisdom on what we should do.

For example, as discussed in Overcome Procrastination God’s Way!, and as found in Joshua 18, the seven procrastinating tribes stood idly at the threshold of taking possession of what was rightfully theirs but they stopped taking the necessary steps in order to get where God wanted them to go.  As a result, Joshua suggested that they assess their whole situation and then break it down into achievable parts and then start taking the necessary steps to achieve their  destiny.

For us, we have at least 7 areas of life to manage.  We have 1.) Spiritual Desires; 2.) Desires for our Family and Friends; 3.) Desires for House and Home; 4.) Financial Desires; 5.) Personal Care Desires; 6.) Work or School Desires; and 7.) Desires to accomplish Future Pursuits.

Each one of those desires can be achieved by breaking them down into 7 achievable steps to be achieved in approximately 7 months.   The 777 Plan does that.  The Microsoft Access powered software package automates the process of bringing order to every area of life in a comprehensive way.

It helps you to determine:

  • What needs to be accomplished in every area of life including resting, relaxing, enjoying and spending quality time with loved ones.
  • What needs to be done on a recurring basis so that structure can be formed around the things done continuously.
  • What needs to be done on an immediate/one time basis so that things from the past, present and future can be managed and accomplished in an orderly and timely way.
  • When you are going to take the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to break the back of slack so that you can enter into the land of no lack.
  • Meet goals and objectives
  • Keep New Year Resolutions

 The 777 Plan Beta is based on Chapters 6 and 7 of Overcome Procrastination God’s Way!


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