Overcome Procrastination God’s Way

A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Help You Dig Out From The Past, Manage the Present, and Enter Into The Future

“95% of the American population procrastinates and 26% of the population are chronic procrastinators.””It is a Spiritual problem that must be dealt with spiritually.”

“There they were. All they needed to do was to take the final step into the Promised Land.  but, for most of them, they procrastinated in their uncomfortable comfort zone instead of entering into the land of no lack.”

There is a little known fact found in Joshua 18:1-9.  Seven of the tribes of Israel arrived in the Promised Land yet they procrastinated in taking a step forward toward what was rightfully theirs.  It is not clear why they procrastinated.  As a result, Joshua wanted to know what was taking them so long.

This book explores some of the possible reasons why the tribes procrastinated and why 95% of us do the same.

  • It goes deep into what looms and roars underneath in our souls and causes us to pause in moving forward in our lives.
  • Lack of vision; indecision; fear, worry and shame; avoidance; and lack of order are some of the concepts that are identified and treated from a Spiritual/Biblical perspective.
  • The book also contains a 21st century view of the practical strategy that Joshua provided to the Children of Israel to get them moving.

The 777 Plan provides practical guidance on how to gain, regain and maintain order by breaking our lives into 7 main areas of life which are broken down into 7 action steps which will bring order into our lives in 7 months.

With this book you will be able to:

  • Break the back of slack and enter into the land of no lack
  • Defeat the what looms underneath and causes you to pause
  • Dig out from the past, manage the present, and enter into the future

Many books have been written about overcoming procrastination.  However, there is only one book that deals with overcoming procrastination from a Spiritual/Biblical perspective.

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