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Optimized Energy is Produced in Our Souls

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Optimize Productivity By Optimizing Energy, Part 1

Optimized Energy is Produced in Our Souls

Energy is our capacity to take action, do work,and overcome resistance.  It is that internal power which makes it possible for us to be effective in every area of life.  In order to optimize energy, we must have congruence between the mind, body and soul because a lag or snag in any one those areas may cause less than optimal energy and productivity.

Optimized energy is produced in our souls and when it is located and maintained properly, we become empowered to accomplish great things.  This type of energy also provides us with the capacity to keep going and going and going kind of like the energizer bunny but with knowledge, wisdom, spiritual understanding and balance.  It is because of this that we find the garden of pleasure which produces more and more optimized energy in our lives.  The garden of pleasure is located in our souls.

Optimize Productivity by Optimizing  Energy

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