Optimize Productivity™


Optimize Productivity

 To Optimize Productivity™ we need at least four things:

Optimize Productivity


Optimize ProductivityTime Management

Optimize ProductivityEnergy

Optimize ProductivityMaintenance

For the next four weeks, I will provide an overview (30 Minutes) of each concept during a 4 part webinar series entitled: Optimize Productivity by Having a Good STEM.  Each overview will be interactive, informative and hopefully fun.  Of course, registration is free.  Virtual seating is limited.

To get a better sense, please feel free to view the very short video below:

Optimize ProductivityOverview Video (Click Here)

Optimize ProductivitySystems Webinar Replay From 7/9/13

Optimize ProductivityTime Management Webinar Tuesday 7/16/13, 7pm

Optimize ProductivityEnergy Webinar

Optimize ProductivityMaintenance Webinar, Tuesday 7/30/13, 7pm          Optimize Productivity Webinar Registration

Every person, in every walk, and in every area of life must be productive  if we want to receive the best results in life.  There is a very small group of people who are “highly productive.” They have excellent organizing and time-management skills and are people that can be counted on to deliver and in return the best results most of the time.  However, 97% of people are either “merely productive”which means that we are just holding and a lot of things are still falling through the cracks. Or, we are “not very productive” which means we don’t get much done and therefore we are very frustrated with life.  Either way, whether we are highly, merely, or not very productive, we ALL need toOptimize Productivity.™ (Take the Productivity Quiz to Find Out If You Are Highly, Merely or Not Very Productive)

The Intensive 5 Week Optimize Productivity Online Training Course Starts on Thursday September 5, 2013 at 8pmOptimize Productivity Logo

During The Course You Will Learn:

Optimize ProductivityHow to Optimize Productivity by developing a Macro and Micro Productivity Implementation System

Optimize ProductivityHow to Manage Time Efficiently and Effectively

Optimize ProductivityHow to Maximize Spiritual, Physical  and Emotional Energy

Optimize ProductivityHow to Maintain a Productivity System  that will lead to Optimized Productivity

Also, During The Course, You Will Receive:

Optimize ProductivityExclusive Weekly Training Sessions (Webinar/Teleconference) $100 Value

Optimize Productivity2 Hours of Individualized VIP Coaching (per participant) $200 Value

Optimize ProductivityA Copy of the Textbook (Overcome Procrastination God’s Way!) $15 Value

Optimize ProductivityA Free Download of The 777 Plan (A Software Package that Optimizes Productivity) $47 Value

Optimize Productivity6 Hours of Mp3 Teaching with Study Aides and Quizzes

Optimize ProductivityContinuous Access to Updated Study Material, Helpful Tools and Resources, etc

Optimize ProductivityOther Bonus Materials

Only $57

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