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Optimize Productivity By Optimizing Time Management

Optimize Productivity by Optimizing Time Management

Thee are four key components to Optimize Productivity:

Optimize Productitivy with STEM

Time Management

In order to optimize productivity we should optimize the way we manage our time.  For most, that means getting some type of time management tool or computer application that purports to keep us on track.  However, we usually do not manage time well even with those tools because they are not designed to help us to manage life as a whole.  In other words, before we can manage the minutia of time, we need to consider the macro picture of time which ultimately will give us a sense of purpose.

What Time Really Is…

What Time is

There are certain aspects of time that can only be planned for and there are other aspects that can be both planned for and managed.  The longer the time span, the lesser our ability to manage.  However, there is no aspect of time that cannot be planned for.  For example, eternity is the longest time span that we as humans are capable of considering.  We can plan for eternity based on the decisions that we make here on earth.  Even though we cannot manage eternity, when we make the right plans by believing on The Lord Jesus Christ, we are given access to eternity and we are also given a new normal and a new sense of Kingdom purpose.  Additionally, when we plan for life and the times and season we will endure in life, we soon come to realize that life is short and within the context of life, we have certain seasons that will determine the type of planning we need to do in order to be “on purpose” and “in season” in all that we do.  For example, there are phases that every human goes through such: learning, earning, providing, retiring, and ultimately death.  Each phase must be planned for in prior seasons in our lives which is the essence of time management.  Of course, things change during certain times and seasons during our lives and there are some things we will not be able to anticipate but planning must be done.

OPtimize Productivity by Optimizing Time

Time That Must Be Planned and Managed

The time span that must be planned for and managed is the shortest amount of time: Years, Months, Weeks, Days, and Hours and Minutes.  This is where knowing what we are working in a macro sense becomes super important.  In other words, we can only manage that which are aware in total instead of just a few aspects of our lives.  For most, we have 7 areas of life: Spiritual Life; Family and Friends; House and Home; Finances; Work/School; Personal Care; Future Pursuits.  All of those areas must be planned our and then managed if we are going to be “optimally productive.”  It requires that we break down every area of life into manageable parts and then begin to manage each action step within each overall task in every area of life.  Taking these steps will lead to Optimized Productivity because we will have optimized our time management in total.

Optimize Productivity with The 777 Plan

Plot and Plan with Time Management Tools

Plotting time is done when we group like frequencies together and when we determine what is recurring vs what is a one time or immediate event that stands alone.  In essence, knowing that something is recurring takes stress out of re-planning for something that occurs on a regular basis.  Instead, we are made able to schedule the recurring things and then begin to assess when the immediate or one time things can be done in tandem with the things we know we have to do on a regular basis.  Additionally, by going through this process, we are empowered to determine if we have too much going on in a particular time frame (day, week, etc).  Hence, we begun to  manage time instead of time managing us.  That is very relieving and is very energizing.  Time management are best used with this part of the process because now we’ve got a handle on “everything” we’ve going on in our lives.  The tools I use are: The 777 plan which is a software -package which helps us to get a handle on every area of life; Microsoft Outlook which has a good calendar and task list; and my iphone calendar and task list that integrate well with Microsoft Outlook.  However, literally, there are thousands of plans, productivity apps, and technology available but what the best programs are those that work best for you.  One Size Does Not Fit All!

optimize Productivity with Time

We will be going into deeper detail during the 5 Week Online Optimize Productivity Training Course which begins on August1, 2013.

Also, next Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 7pm, we will discuss the 3rd component of optimizing productivity– Optimizing Energy at a free webinar that you are invited to attend.  Click Here to Register.

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