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Christian Productivity Training & Motivation for Sales/MLM Teams

Introduction to Christian Productivity Training™ & Motivation for Sales/MLM Teams

Christian Productivity TrainingHave you been trying to get your sales team to be more productive but for some odd reason, they are not producing sales or referrals?  Well, it’s not that they don’t to want to produce.  Instead, they may be stuck or overwhelmed.

This is where Christian Productivity Training™ & Motivation (CPT) for Sales/MLM Teams can help through the Go Get Your  Manna™ motivational workshop, training and coaching series.

The experience begins with an initial brief consultation with Sales Team Leaders in order to identify any specific concerns of the team.  Then, those issues will be addressed along with the commonly found concerns in many, if not most, sales/MLM organizations during the Free Introductory Go Get Your Manna™Workshop with your team.  Some of the commonly found issues that will be addressed in the Free Introductory Go Get Your Manna™ motivational workshop are the following:

  • How Sales/MLM Organizations may be a vehicle through which manna may be supplied
  • How to Stay Motivated by Having The Right Motives
  • How Mindset and Perspective Impact Productivity
  • How To Break Life Down Into Manageable Parts To Create Order, Balance and Excellence
  • How to Decrease Overwhelm
  • How to Get Unstuck
  • How to (Re)Ignite Desire, Discipline and Diligence

In other words, CPT for Sales/MLM Teams provides more than just motivation.  It provides strategies that are designed to help team members to comprehensively live a more balanced, excellent and life.  With such, team members will be able to allocate more time, energy and resources to reach their goals.

Christian Productivity Training™& Motivation for Sales/MLM  Teams Are Delivered The Following Ways:

  • Free Introductory Go Get Your Manna™ Mini-Workshop Presented to Sales/MLM Team
  • Intense (3 to 6 Hour) Go Get Your Manna Workshops*
  • Retreat Style (All Day/2-3 Day) Seminar/Workshops*
  • Ongoing Training Series (Once a Month/Quarter/Annually, etc)*
  • Group/Individual Coaching*

*Investment For Intense, Retreat Style, Ongoing Training and Coaching Christian Productivity Training™  is Determined by The Following:

  •  Seminar/Workshop Length
  • Degree of Customization
  • Number of Participants
  • Number of Engagements
  • Travel Distance
  • Delivery Method
  • Tools and Materials
  • Individual Coaching

Our Approach:

Contact us for a customized evaluation of the issues you want to address the productivity needs and delivery methods that best suits your needs and budget.

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