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Christian Productivity Training for Churches

Introduction to Christian Productivity Training™ for Churches

Christian Productivity TrainingHave you ever wondered why 20% of your church members and ministerial staff do 80% of what needs to be done in order to have an effective ministry?  It’s not that people don’t want to work because deep down inside they do.  They’ve taken the Spiritual gifts survey and have learned what God has gifted them to do; gotten started down the path of doing it; but after a short while they’ve fallen off and the 20% are left to do all of the work.  The main reason why this happens is because people are stuck, overwhelmed, over-committed, and exhausted.

This is where Christian Productivity Training™ (CPT) for Churches can help. CPT utilizes Biblical and practical solutions that help people to develop or enhance life and time management systems as well as personal energy optimization strategies.

Ultimately, church members and leaders will learn how to live well balanced, excellent lives and will be able to allocate more time and energy to serve more effectively in ministry.

Christian Productivity Training™ is delivered in the following ways:

I. Introductory, Free 1/4 Day (3 Hour) Workshops or (1 Hour) Seminars

  1. Make The Most of Your Mist Time Management Workshop
  2. Make The Most of Your Mist Time Management Seminar

II. Intense 1/2 Day (6 Hour) Seminar/Workshops*

III. Retreat Style (All Day/2-3 Day) Seminar/Workshops*

IV. Ongoing Training Series (Monthly/Quarterly/Annually, etc)*

V. Ongoing Group/Individual Coaching*

VI. Customized Curriculum & Solutions Development*

VII. Turnkey Bible Study Series Curricula

  1. Take The Journey: From Stuck to Unstuck

VIII. Other Products

 *A consultative needs assessment is advised to determine the scope of the tailor made training solutions that are customized to meet the specific needs that best suits your objectives and budget.  The factors considered will be: the seminar/workshop length; degree of customization; number of participants; number of engagements; travel distance; delivery methods; tools and materials, etc.

Our Approach:

The Christian Productivity Training™ System will provide a structured, Biblically sound, custom-designed approach and will help your congregants, members, and/or ministerial staff to become more productive; get unstuck; overcome procrastination; gain or regain and maintain order in every area of life through seminars/workshops, or Turnkey or Customized Bible Studies. As a result, they will become more productive at church, home and work.

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