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The Go Get Your Manna™ Workshop series is specifically designed to motivate as well as provide helpful tools that will increase the productivity of your sales team.  The workshop series is based on Exodus 16:1-22 which is where God promised to provide for the Children of Israel.

In those passages, God supplied manna but the onus was on the people to get up at a “certain” time and gather a “certain” amount and deal with it in a “certain” way.  It involved goal assessment, planning, time management, desire, discipline, diligence, implementation and follow through. All of those things are Spiritual/Biblical principles that most people don’t implement and as a result there is a lack of productivity.

Most people have the desire to be productive but most either do not have a strategy to do everything that must be done in every area of life, or have a strategy  but because of overwhelm, they are stuck.

This is where the Free Introductory Go Get Your Manna™ Workshop can help.

The Free Introductory Go Get Your Manna™Workshop* in an hour or less provides an overview of the following topics:

  • The Principle of Gathering
  • How to Stay Motivated by Having The Right Motives
  • How Mindset and Perspective Impact Productivity
  • How To Break Life Down Into Manageable Parts To Create Order, Balance and Excellence
  • How to Decrease Overwhelm
  • How to Get Unstuck
  • How to (Re)Ignite Desire, Discipline and Diligence

* The introductory workshop is free if your organization is within a 100 mile radius of Washington, DC.  However, if you are outside of that area, a very modest fee will be negotiated.

The Go Get Your Manna™ Series provides a continuum of other services such as:

  • An Intense (3 to 6 Hour) Go Get Your Manna Training Workshops**
  • Retreat Style (All Day/2-3 Day) Seminar/Workshops**
  • Ongoing Training Series (Once a Month/Quarter/Annually, etc)**
  • Group/Individual Coaching**

**Investment For Intense, Retreat Style, Ongoing Training and Coaching is Determined by The Following:

  •  Seminar/Workshop Length
  • Degree of Customization
  • Number of Participants
  • Number of Engagements
  • Travel Distance
  • Delivery Method
  • Tools and Materials
  • Individual Coaching

The workshops, seminars and coaching are provided by noted Christian Productivity Trainer, Clarence J. Parks, JD, MDiv.

Our Approach:

If you are ready to schedule your Introductory Go Get Your Manna™ Workshop for your Sales Team, then please fill out the form below.  Go Get Your Manna!

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