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Get Unstuck: God Can Bring You Up

Get Unstuck: God Can Bring You Up!

He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock. Psalm 40:2

Get unstuck: Take The JourneyMany of us are stuck because we are overwhelmed, exhausted, shell-shocked, heartbroken, lonely, afraid, worried, ashamed, or regretful.  Of course there are many other reasons.  However, the tragedy is, many people do not know how to get unstuck and as a result, we stay in a constant state of stuckiness for far too long.  When this happens, the quality of our lives begins to diminish.  Perhaps, it is somewhat comforting to know that throughout the course of history, we are not the only ones who have gotten stuck. For example, King David likened his stuckiness as as like being stuck in a horrible pit with miry clay.  Now, these days, we don’t typically use the word miry but in the Hebrew miry means sticky (like glue not like a thorn).  Therefore, King David was stuck in his situation just like many of us are.  However, unlike many of us, King David was willing to do something about it and I am so glad he did because he gave us a template that we can apply to our lives when we are stuck.  Here’s what he did:

1.) He acknowledged that he was indeed stuck.  He realized that he was in a horrible pit (which is interpreted as pit of noise where the noise was coming from the inside out) and that he was stuck (in miry clay).  This very important because if we do not acknowledge that we are stuck then we will certainly not get unstuck.  Instead, most likely, our condition will get worse and may experience extreme despair, depression or burnout.

2.) He acknowledged that God could bring him up and out of the horrible pit that he was in.  In Psalm 40:1, King Davids said, I waited patiently for The Lord; and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry.  His trust in God is what made it possible for him to endure the pain of being stuck in the rut that he was in.  he never gave on the notion that God could bring him up and out.  He just kept praying and believing that God would hear his cry. Not only did God hear him, he also answered him.  God brought King David up out of the horrible pit and took his feet out of the miry clay.  And thanks be to God, Who is no respecter of persons, will do the same thing for us.

God will bring us up and will help us to get unstuck!

If you are stuck then please feel free to join our church as we are going to Take The Journey From Stuck to Unstuck on Tuesday May 28th through May 31st for Vacation Bible School at Peace and Power Ministries located at 4501 Boston Way, Lanham, Maryland 20706.  If want to attend, and if you need more information then please feel free click here.

Take The Journey: From Stuck to UnstuckBe Blessed!

Clarence J. Parks, JD, MDiv



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