7 Ways To Slay The Slothful Spirit

Free Download 7 Part CD Set and Workbook


Slay The Slothful Spirit: 7 mp3’s and workbook

Believe It or Not, the Slothful Spirit Can Be Slain!

There are at least 7 Ways To Slay The Slothful Spirit:

  1. By Defining the Slothful Spirit, we demystify and thereby destroy the subtle grip it has on us.
  2. When we Discern its Existence we are Able to Take Action Against It.
  3. By Understanding that The Slothful Spirit is a Spiritual Disability, we can then begin to Overcome it.
  4. Knowing the consequences of Slothful Spirit Serves as a Deterrent to Us Falling Prey to it.
  5. Developing Right Desires is What Gets Us Moving Again Up and Away From Slothfulness.
  6. Discipline Can Be Developed and Keeps us Moving Away From Distractions and Temptations that Want to Draw Us Back to Slothfulness.
  7. Diligence is the Exact Opposite of The Slothful Spirit and Helps us to Accomplish Great Things

This 7 Part CD (Mp3) and Workbook Set will help you to Slay The Slothful Spirit because you will be able to easily follow along at your convenience. With the Mp3’s you will be able to add the recordings to your favorite Mp3 player and listen while you workout, drive or during your quiet time. The workbook is a fill in the blank workbook that follows closely with the Mp3’s. The appendix of the workbook provides you with a complete transcript of the Mp3 recordings.

The entire 7 Ways To Slay The Slothful Spirit CD (Mp3) Set includes the following:

7 Mp3 Recordings:

  • The Slothful Spirit Defined and Demystified
  • Discern The Existence of The Slothful Spirit
  • Overcome The Slothful Spirit Disability
  • Know The Consequences of Defeat By The Slothful Spirit
  • Develop Desire
  • Develop Discipline
  • Be Diligent

Follow Along Workbook with Appendix

  • The Workbook Closely Follows Each Mp3 (Fill In The Blank)
  • The Workbook contains and Appendix Provides an Answer Key To the Fill In The Blanks
  • The Workbook Contains Links To Other Helpful Resources