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Get Ready, Get Set, Go! 3 Things To Do To Regain Focus in 2014

Regain Focus

Are you ready to regain focus?

As you know, Saturday June 21, 2014, loosely marks the half way point of the year and summertime begins.  The question becomes, what do we need to do in order to finish the 2014 race in a productive way?  Of course, there are many things but for sake of brevity,let me suggest three (3):

 1.  Get off the race track for a minute

Like most champions, most of us have a “must do” perspective.  We feel like we must keep running even though we are running on adrenalin.  That means our tanks are empty but our drive is high to keep pushing.  However, in the long run, if not careful, we end up completely zapped of energy and somewhat disabled to keep going.  At some point we “lose” the race because we are gassed out.  Travel Agent Tammara Broadnax Mitchell says, it is important to “work hard, but play harder.”  I agree.  In other words, TAKE A VACATION!!!! I know, these are tough times but taking a vacation is not as difficult or expensive as you think.

2. Reevaluate your strategy

Often, we try to go forward without evaluating what’s working and what is not.  If we don’t reevaluate, we may continue to run inefficiently with the same impediments.  In essence, we run faster and harder but we don’t gain ground on the race.  Instead, we fall further and further behind where finishing the race becomes more and more of a chore.  There are some strategies we can implement but it takes some work to implement them.  However, it is well worth the struggle to do so.

 3. Re-calculate the distance to the finish line

Good runners have the innate ability to recalculate time and distance.  In essence, it is not always the most physically fit runner that wins. Instead, often, it is the runner who looks strategically at how far s/he has to go and then does what is necessary to get there first even if it means overcoming: perceived present challenges; competition; or even naysayers on the sidelines who  have written us off.

Recalculation requires a remembrance of one’s purpose, vision, preparation, and objectives to be accomplished.  Even more, it requires a reliance on God’s supernatural power to get us to and through to the finish line.

Some of these topics will be discussed in further detail on Sunday June 29, 2014 at 3:00 pm at The Potomac Adventist Book & Health Food Store.  Please feel free to register in advance so that materials can be prepared just for you.

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